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To enhance the knowledge of quilting amongst the members and the community; to preserve quilting as an art form; to establish, maintain and upgrade quilting standards; to encourage an exchange of ideas and methods; to participate in community projects.


The guild is open to anyone with an interest in quilts, whether a beginner, intermediate or advanced quilter, or as an enthusiastic onlooker. Membership dues are $40.00 per year or $8.00 per visitor.

Meeting Place and Time:

Betty Sanderson Quilt

Orangeville Fairgrounds on 5 Sideroad of Mono. (Entry is at the main door.)
On the third Monday of each month- September to June at 7:30 pm -10pm.

Call Judi Sullivan
for more information.
Mailing address:
Box 325
Orangeville, ON L9W 2Z6

Bring your project for Show and Tell and your own cup; refreshments are provided.

The Guild provides the opportunity to meet new friends and share your common interest. You can participate in the Block of the Month (BOM) the block and / or quilt challenge, the workshops, the retreat and the Quilt Show.

You can learn from and enjoy our many guest speakers, receive monthly newsletters, borrow from the guild library and enjoy your new friends. You can show your new quilt creations in our next quilt show "The Magic of Cloth" planned for October, 2013.

The guild is a non-profit organization and is organized by members of the guild who volunteer and/or are elected to serve on the executive and committees to plan and execute the activities of the guild. The guild has memberships in the Canadian Quilting Association (CQA) and the Ontario Quilting Connections (OQC)


Download a copy of the current Piecemaker's Star here. You will need a program such as Adobe Reader or Preview to view the file. Preview is free as part of the Macintosh operating system. Adobe Reader must be downloaded from their site, unless it came with your computer.

If you do not have a copy of the latest Adobe reader (9), Click on this link and download it. It's free.

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