We usually post pictures of past events on our main page so that they are prominently featured, but what becomes of those pictures then? They end up here in the events archive, of course! Look around and enjoy!


Trillium Grant announced at Trailway's annual Earth Day event

The Upper Grand Trailway is pleased to announce that it has received $20600 in funding from the Ontario Trillium Foundation to upgrade the remainder of our gates! The old gates have taken quite a beating over the years, from wear and tear to vandalism. Over the past two years the Trailway has been slowly replacing the old "P" style gates with a more robust design. Now, with this funding we can replace the rest this year!


Now Open for Community Use!

The Upper Grand Trailway, in association with many local organizations is pleased to announce the opening of a new kiosk at the Waldemar trailhead. Half of the board shows a map of the trailway, while the other half is meant to be used as a Waldemar community board for announcements. Check it out on your walks!

Winter Carnival 2011

Dozens of participants from age 2 to 72 joined us for this year's Winter Carnival. Revellers took part in many exciting winter sports such as skiing, snowmobiling, sledding, skijoring (being pulled on skis by a dog or dogs) and hot chocolate drinking! Good times were had by all. Please join us next year as we celebrate winter on the trail!

Earth Day 2010

Earth Day 2010 was a tremendous success! Despite the eratic weather, Trailway volunteers planted 60 trees between East Luther-Amaranth Townline and Waldemar while 15 "wallers" built a memorial cairn in honour of our late founder Bev Pullen just east of the Townline (see picture, below).

Trailway users are invited to walk or ride out at their leisure to admire these beautiful new features.