The Trailway sells memberships for $20 per year. A membership can be for an individual, a family, a group or a corporation. All proceeds help fund maintenance projects along the Trailway. If you would like to support the Trailway or are a frequent user of the Trailway, please consider filling out the application below (we'll contact you about how to pay your $20 membership fee). Alternatively you could print the Membership Application Form, fill it in and mail it to us.

Either way, we'd love for you to join with us in building and maintaining the trailway!


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As a member, you are elibible to receive your free copy of the Ontario Trailway Council newsletter electronically by e-mail quarterly. Do you wish to be enrolled?

I am interested in helping in the following ways:

Trail Maintenance
Special Events
Membership Drive
Office Work
Trail Captain